"FREE + S&H!!" 1PCS Wobblers Fishing Lures Multi section Hard Bait 100mm15g Artificial Bait Minnow Crankbait

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1PCS Wobblers Fishing Lures Multi-section Hard Bait 100mm15g Artificial Bait Minnow Crankbait Jig Perch Carp Fishing tackle Lure



The 3D eyes make it an ideal tool for fishing enthusiasts.

Make the bait come alive with vivid 3D eyes, making the bait look like a real fish, floating in the water when fishing.

The knotty fish body can better show the swimming style in the water, which can help fishing enthusiasts to better complete the fishing task.

Realistic 3D eyes and realistic body details are like real fish, making it look natural like live bait.

Meet all your needs of different colors, sizes and catch different fishes.

Simulated fish skin (laser): The design of simulated fish skin makes it more attractive to large fish.

Stronger Double Ring: Strengthen the double ring and increase the tensile strength.

Wonderful fishing accessories for fishing enthusiasts. Ideal for fishing trout, stingray, grouper, spear, musk, squid, squid, etc.



Color: 13 different colors are available

Size: 100mm

Weight: 15g

Fish hook: high quality high carbon steel barbed hook

Suitable for waters: all waters


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