"FREE SHIPPING" Spider Line Series 100m PE Braid Fishing Line Camouflag 4 Strands 10 60LB PE Line 0.1 0.4mm Multifilament Fishing Line

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Colour: Yellow/Army Green/Multicolor

Type:Fishing Line

Material:PE Braid


Function:Fishing Dedicated line

With: 1pc 

Shape: Level

Material: Braided Wire

Buoyancy: Floating


Basic Parameters:


Line Number 0.4#: 0.10mm / 10LB   / 4.55KG

Line Number 0.6#: 0.12mm / 15LB  /  6.82KG

Line Number 0.8#: 0.14mm / 18LB  /  8.18KG

Line Number 1.0#: 0.16mm / 20LB /   9.09KG

Line Number 1.5#: 0.20mm / 25LB / 11.36KG

Line Number 2.0#: 0.23mm / 28LB / 12.70KG

Line Number 2.5#: 0.26mm / 30LB / 13.64KG

Line Number 3.0#: 0.28mm / 33LB / 14.96KG

Line Number 3.5#: 0.30mm / 35LB / 18.87KG

Line Number 4.0#: 0.32mm / 40LB / 18.18KG

Line Number 5.0#: 0.37mm / 50LB / 22.73KG

Line Number 6.0#: 0.40mm / 60LB / 27.27KG

Brand Name: Battlesea
Material: Nylon
With Ruler or Not: No
Position: River
Position: Reservoir Pond
Position: Ocean Beach Fishing
Position: Lake
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Position: stream
Position: Ocean Rock Fshing
With Scale or Not: No
Shape: Level
Buoyancy Characteristic: Sink Tip Floating Line
Meters: 100m
Model Number: 541
$ 7.95
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