🐬NEW ARRIVAL🐬 4 Strands 0.10~0.40MM 6 60LB Strong PE Braided Line 150m Daiwa Multifilament

  • Thin With A Tight-Weave Construction: Extremely low memory, easy to cast and handle, it will take you where the fish are!
  • Woven From Four Super Powerful Fibers: Unparalleled strength and a consistent roundness that makes casting smoother than ever!
  • High Sensitivity: It gives you the sensitivity to feel the lightest bite, the control you need for a secure , and the strength to endure the toughest fish.
  • Unmatched Quality,  And Durability: The  Braid Line surpasses other comparably-priced line in abrasion resistance, tensile strength, stretch resistance and knot strength.
  • What You Get: 1 * Superpower Braid Line
$ 10.98
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